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Recent & Upcoming Virtual Presentations (my old normal pre COVID-19)

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I recently discovered that I get really exhausted from work based Zooming all day, but if I meet some of my “online” friends (so, like, folks all over the world parr of vconnecting) it is relaxing. It’s weird. But after mentioning it to several folks, we realized that

  1. Meeting the virtual folks virtually is my “old normal” and makes me feel like life is just the same. It helps.
  2. Folks I normally meet Virtually are veterans at it, like me, so they’re better at it (although honestly everyone is getting better at it)
  3. My virtual PLN are a selected group who connect all year long on Slack and Twitter and not just the synchronous. This may be the most important element. We know each other’s minds inside out
  4. Being with virtual PLN is like a family gathering whereas being with others I know f2f but am not used to meeting virtually can feel like with acquaintances all of a sudden. That’s why I like it if I can talk to them on the phone or on WhatsApp instead!! Feels more normal!!
  5. Meeting my students is comfortable precisely because we chat on Slack between Zoom sessions and they blog so I feel connected to them all the time.


So here are two sessions I was part of recently.

First, #gastagoesglobal April 14 and here are my slides about care and socioemotional dimension of eLearning:

All the sessions (including wonderful presentations by Sheila MacNeill, Leigh Graves-Wolf, Martin Weller, Mark Brown, Tony Bates and more… and facilitated and organized by Tom Farrelly and a wonderful team. Tom also made a lovely H5P thing on it so you can jump to particular sessions. It is all available here:


Second, a session I co-facilitated a Alan Levine at TCC conference where we invited many in VC community to talk about using VC qualities and values and processes in classes and other areas of life. It was like a reunion party! Here is the video

Now for the upcoming things (and there’s more I will announce later inshallah).

OLC Ideate is offering about 2 weeks of free conversations, including one I am co-facilitating about caring for students. Doing this with Autumm Caines, Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Melody Bucker. The full schedule for Ideate is here

Also facilitating a convo April 22nd with students on wellbeing in these times as part of Equity Unbound. Will announce on there soon

Updated – this is coming up April 27th and there are others May 6 and May 15:

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