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Rhizomes even bigger than I thought? #rhizo14

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I have just had an intimate meeting with a group of people I had never met from a different university (and some had not even met each other beforehand) and YET in our discussion of critical citizenship for two different countries… I kept hearing “i was just thinking about this the other day” and “i just wrote that idea the other day”

Among those ideas:
The importance of developing a localized contextual notion of citizenship that does not necessarily follow Western tradition – because those notions do not suit us or work for us

This may not seem revolutionary, but when you are in a dynamic dialogue with people you have never met and keep bouncing ideas off each other and finding a lot resonates with what you had been thinking on your own…

It is making me re-think my initial ideas about social media influencing the development of our thoughts…though the one thing all present had in common was that they had read my citizenship article… But i think it is more than that… Maybe academics in the region are starting to think in a certain direction?

Will reflect some more…

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