Origins of Courteous Review

“a system of anonymous peer review tends to work against scholarship that runs against the grain of currently accepted i

Being closed-minded about being open-minded…

One of the interesting paradoxes about being liberal is that liberal thinking can be intolerant. I used to call this being clo

Mess in education. Mess in research. Mess in ethics

Mess is life Mess is my life. I have a toddler, after all, and there are few things that toddlers enjoy more than mess. I wear

Making Virtual Attendance Count – at #unet4online

I promise I will soon blog something about the┬ácontent of the conference (though I’ve tweeted a LOT from what speakers

#et4online: Reflections on Day One

It’s quite difficult to blog my reflections on the first day of #et4online in a way that’s useful for other people

#et4online: the great, the unexpected, and the weird

This is a quick post to capture some interesting dynamics going on at #et4online. This is possibly my favorite conference expe

Sloan-C here I Come…No, wait, I already came! #et4online

So… I signed up to attend the Sloan-C #et4online conference – virtually. That’s because I can’t travel

#rhizo14 Sustenance for a Compulsive Writer with Impostor Syndrome

I’ve been wanting to write about my compulsive writing (I know, compulsive, right?) and impostor syndrome (the latter me

7 ways to overcome writer’s block

Another good article on overcoming writer’s block (where were these when I was trying to work on my PhD?) – anyway

What Makes this MOOCaholic Complete MOOCs

I’m going to keep this post as short and punchy as possible, to get it out quickly. It is part of a new emerging researc