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Inspiration that Keeps on Giving – Ruha Benjamin 


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You know it’s a good article or keynote or conversation when it continues to resonate with you FOR DAYS and more beyond when you first came across it. Ruha Benjamin’s #iste2016 keynote is that for me. She’s a brilliant speaker bit it’s more than that. She packs SO MUCH into an hour that my head kept spinning every 5 minutes and I would have to pause (literally) to take it in. Watch. Please do (transcript available on her website but WATCH HER. She’s better than Obama as a speaker and a lot like Sean Michael Morris in her word choices and phrasing)

I have listened to this multiple times and been inspired in multiple ways but most importantly by the term “discriminatory design” which she also uses in her TEDxTalk. I can see so many applications to my teaching and edtech and we plan (my co-teacher and I) to share with our students who are learning design thinking. She talks bioethics, relevant to our AUC course Scientific Thinking. And of course the design aspect applies to many fields like architecture and engineering. 
I just wanted to bookmark and record this moment in time.

Now… I am in the process of reading her book and thinking of relationship between her ideas and how medical research and practice treats patients.

And also thinking in general of how to thoughtfully modify ways our systems including things like Virtually Connecting… How to modify them so they don’t become discriminatory designs…

Thank you Ruha for everything. And thank you social media for allowing me to actually connect with someone so inspiring and actually have conversations with her! 

I was telling Bonni Stachowiak just now: 

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