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Turkle Curse?


Everyone probably agrees with Turkle: when we are spending quality time with family, we really shouldn’t be on our phones doing email or social media or work or whatever. I’m one of the people who isn’t always good at that. I put my phone away for a bit, but I spend a long time with my mom when visiting her and often need to get it out to do some stuff. Or else I would have to spend less time with her as I get work done elsewhere. It’s a tradeoff.

But lately (past month or so) my email doesn’t work when I am at my mom’s house. Seriously. I can’t send an email from the gmail app or from the web. As soon as I leave the building the email gets sent. This makes no sense. I am using 3G/4G while at her place, which is the same network as when I get out of the building. Also the internet works. I can Tweet and Slack and browse and I can receive email but I just can’t send email. I eventually realized the problem was local to my mom’s building this month coz I spend a lot more time over but get in and out to do errands and the email works as soon as I step out. 

Any idea what’s causing this Turkle curse? 


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