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Paralyzed at Home

I can’t speak about this directly, so I’m writing this poem instead. Don’t ask what this is about, I’m not able to say, it’s real stuff that I can’t talk about online, but I need to write about it, writing therapy

You steal my home

From under my feet

You make me

A second class citizen

In my own space

You pit me against my brothers and sisters

You pit me against my children and parents

And you want me to move?

You paralyze me

And then you ask me to move?

You spit on me

And then you ask me to smile?

You hit me, over and over,

And then you expect me to comply?

You set out to destroy my home

Wall by wall

Brick by brick

Heart by loving heart

Turning it dark

Stealing all the light

Breaking apart

All the love

And then you expect us to… what?

8 thoughts on “Paralyzed at Home

    1. Nah. I got loads of ppl to talk to f2f who are in the same boat…so we talk. But i just needed to also write

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