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My nominees for top #edtech innovators


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Well if the Chronicle are gonna come up with 10 people I may as well nominate 10, right? (link to nominate).

My nominees are:

Rebecca J. Hogue & I for virtuallyconnecting.orghttp://www.

Mike Caulfield for #FedWiki and Wikity

Bonnie Stewart for her research on influence on Twitter

Laura Gogia for #tjc15

Jesse Stommel for #moocspeare and DigPedLab

Laura Czerniewicz for her critiques of open education

Amy Collier for the whole Not-yetness thing (added later: realize now she is working on that one w Jen Ross. Sorry, Jen; don’t know how I missed that)

Adeline Koh for her work on race and postcolonial humanities

Added later: Mimi Ito for work on connected learning

Who did you nominate?

I am happy to consider 2 more (currently between several ppl who deserve it too)


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