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Feedback for My Student Edu Games Please

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I am hoping folks from my PLN will be able to take a little bit of time out of the busy end-of-semester time to give feedback to my students who are designing educational games.

At the moment there should be 4 games (one blog is late, so now including links to 3) at early stages of design. Links as follows:

Healthy lifestyle game

DeclarNation (to help students understand about different majors)

Educational Card Game about Egypt

I will post the last game soon. It’s about oriental/Arabic music πŸ™‚

Added later: Hit the Chord (music game)

4 thoughts on “Feedback for My Student Edu Games Please

  1. Done and done! Enjoyed the game designs. It’s one thing we do as a family and I’ve had Gr. 6 students design games as a culminating task for a unit of study, so it was interesting for me to read these. Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I will pass them on to students, though I actually meant for you to post them on their blogs (they are college students so it’s no problem). But I won’t ask you to rewrite them πŸ™‚

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