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Interviews & Publications During COVID-19

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 18 seconds

Sorry, this is a vanity post to just keep track of several interviews done with me about the situation during COVID-19 and a publication. To keep track, but also in case these would be helpful to others who want to emphasize the care and empathy dimension at this time.

First one I did was this interview with George Siemens before we went online here (but had announced we were going). It is used in the #PivotOnline MOOC and was announced this week.

Second one is the Inside Higher Ed article, where they interviewed multiple folks (thanks to George Station’s recommendation) who took a more empathetic/equity angle. Many of the friends I love and respect included in that one.

That article was, for some reason, taken up by my institution and amplified in the daily news @AUC and then they started asking media outlets to get in touch with me. The first of these interviews appeared on Al-Ahram weekly and you can read it here. (The other two are in Arabic daily newspapers and I will post them later for those who can read them).

Last but definitely not least is this piece v close to my heart that I wrote with Autumm for OER20 blog: Care in the Time of COVID-19: Learning from Virtually Connecting’s Intentionally Equitable Hospitality as Global Citizenship (so relevant these days!) And we are presenting on a similar topic at OER20 this afternoon.

This should probably be a page rather than a blogpost but for some reason I didn’t have the energy…

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