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Four Invitations: @vconnecting, #BreakOpen at #OER18/#OEGlobal18, DMLL @hypothes_is, #UniCollaboration

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So I just published a blog post about not getting any gifts for people onsite at OER18 , those I’m going to see physically inshallah, but I actually have lots of virtual gifts 🙂 happening this week and next week and the week after actually. This whole month, I guess 🙂

All are opportunities to participate in virtual or hybrid activities for people who are interested in open education and intercultural learning.

Intercultural Learning

First off, starting this week, we are annotating an article that I wrote critiquing web-based cross cultural learning intercultural as my last online session as a DMLL visiting fellow At Coventry University (I’m hopefully onsite on April 17th) and anybody can participate and there’s also going to be a Zoom session April 11th open for anyone to join. Details of all of this are at the bottom of this page:

Virtually Connecting

Virtually Connecting turns THREE this April!!! And we’re celebrating in style with FIVE (yes, 5!) conferences in 5 countries. Wow. I think that’s a record!!! Schedules for CC Global Summit (April 13-15, Canada), OER18 (April 18-19, UK) and OLC Innovate (April 17-20, US) are up, with upcoming schedules for OEGlobal (April 23-26, Netherlands) and Unicollaboration (April 25-27 in Poland) coming soon inshallah, where I’m also virtually keynoting (see below).

#BreakOpen Hybrid Workshops

The next invitation is to join one of our #BreakOpen hybrid workshops (details and signup form here) – these are scheduled for April 18th at #OER18 and April 25th at #OEGlobal, and we will be asking participants to think about all the ways in which open education can go wrong despite good intentions.

#UniCollaboration Keynote

My UniCollaboration keynote is scheduled for April 26th at 4pm Poland/Egypt time (+2 UTC) and I’m hoping to livestream it and have a VConnecting session immediately afterwards on the same hangout. inshallah. Details closer to the event.

Join In!

For each of these activities, details on how to join are linked above, but you can also contact me here on my blog or on Twitter to ask for more info. Everybody’s welcome as long as you have an internet connection that works for the tools used (Hangouts for vconnecting, Zoom for #BreakOpen and is very low barrier to entry if you’re new to it), you should be able to join these, inshallah.

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