My Assessments Next Semester – Modified for Avoiding & Embracing AI

I am an educational developer, so I often need to help people think through how they’re going to respond to the advent o

Why Is My Attitude Towards Generative AI Different From Previous AI in Education?

Someone recently wrote about how ChatGPT and similar generative AI are not really “edtech”, they were not develope

Upcoming Conversations Around AI

I’ve been thinking, writing, speaking, workshopping, conversing and experimenting around AI for 4 months straight now, a

Have I Got an AI Assignment for You! Speculative AI Futures – Inspiration & Creation

So if you’re getting stuck on what kind of assignment to give your students next, try this one. Invite your students to

On Location & Time of Day for Online/Hybrid Gatherings

I’m taking a course with Priya Parker on the Art of Gathering these days. It’s mostly asynchronous videos with ref

On Equity and Trust and AI

So next week, Anna Mills & I are giving a workshop on Critical AI literacy (info and registration here), and in my departm

Why We’re Not “Screwed” By AI

I am sure many of us have heard this kind of reaction when talking to others about the new AI text generating tools like chatG

Equity Unbound Workshop: How well does #ChatGPT (or any AI tool) do on our writing assignments? How do we adapt? #openai

Are you wondering how well AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text in response to the writing assignments you give? Could or s

Reflections on “Never Done Before”

My heart is filled with gratitude today. A few weeks ago, on impulse, I signed up to volunteer for something called the Never

Educational Developer as Multi-faceted: Buddy, Mentor, Confidante, Friend…

When I first started teaching, there were a couple of much more experienced teachers I would meet every now and then, and I


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