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Surprise! You Can Run Simultaneous Live Hangouts on One YouTube Channel

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So this morning, @NadinneAbo and I tested running two different hangouts on air LIVE at the SAME time using the Virtually Connecting YouTube Live account…and it actually worked.

We had our audio muted coz we were using 4 devices in one room (2 devices to run the hangouts and make them live on air, and two devices to be participants in each of the two simultaneous hangouts) . While running the hangouts, we checked the livestream and it does indeed allow you to run 2 hangouts at the same time from same account of VC! And it streams just fine and records just fine. No problems.
This means that folks who are doing Virtually Connecting sessions in back2back hangouts can ask a different Virtual Buddy to login a few minutes earlier than their session is due, and start getting virtual participants ready, while the other hangout one is still running. It also means that if one hangout wants to continue live virtually for a while (after onsite folks have gone), while another hangout is about to start going live, it’s not a problem.

I can’t believe this works. Part of me is thinking “yeah, why wouldn’t it?” and part of me is thinking “how can it be?”/. Alan Levine is on the first camp. I was totally on the second camp until today.

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