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Slides for Teaching Engineering Ethics Using Theater of the Oppressed & Liberating Structures


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Just a quick share here. Here is the short link for the slides I used for that panel I was part of on teaching (engineering) ethics using Theater of the Oppressed & Liberating structures.

On the last slide, there is a link to YouTube recording of me practicing the session before we did it live (so no one but me talking to myself, but you get the idea). Video will be live within a few minutes of my publishing this post, transcriptions will be revised soon to be posted on the community building site for OneHE/Equity Unbound.

I am glad I went for Liberating Structures and did not stop at Theater of the Oppressed, because people in the audience seemed to respond more positively to the Liberating Structures. There was someone who said they would TRIZ in class tomorrow, and a student in the audience who said she loved the presentation.. I am sure many in the audience thought I was crazy… that’s OK. The person who came before me, Justin Hess, was awesome, because he centers social justice and empathy in his work, and he gave a nod to liberating structures at the end of his presentation, which made for a great transition into mine. The person after me, Gabriel Rashad Burks, also had a beautiful concept of “local communities of thought” which is not about just engineers developing a community of practice but engaging communities outside the class who would be impacted by their decision-making… which also builds on empathy, and helps with something I mentioned during my session in response to a question about case studies missing context – where I said students can work directly with people in the community, interviewing them and understanding their situation before developing things like role plays and such.

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