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My #digiwrimo goals: tying loose ends


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I’m REALLY excited about Digital Writing Month (#digiwrimo) – aren’t you? You should be, coz I have a guest post that you’ll get to read on their website on some mysterious day in November 😉

Just kidding, you’re probably already getting enough of my writing as it is. And as someone said, i blog often enough that I probably ‘fit’ right in anyway 😉

I haven’t done this before but I am excited about the possibilities. Of experimenting with new forms of digital expression (I already shared with some of our Rhet Comp folks and some got interested) and even more about possibilities of collaborating and connecting with others.

So my um #digiwrimo resolutions are:
1. Tie up any loose ends in my writing.

* First one was to finish editing my #digiwrimo guest post. I think i might change it a bit until the last minute, but for now, it’s DONE!

* Second one is the #rhizo14 collab autoethnog. Not that i even envision this ever getting done, but I’m thinking of collaborating with other rhizo14ers to move it forward and submit another conf proposal. There’s also a research notes paper in the works that needs to get done and submitted. Still loads to go, but at least i started/initiated this.

* I promised to write a post for Teaching Social Justice & Social Theory Applied. Started writing both but not happy. Need to finish those

* i want to invite more people to write for EdConteXts and I have a lot of people lined up who may need a push (and i totally get why they have not written yet, i mean, see above! I do it myself!)

* Get the hacked #tvsz 6.0 up and running. Am sure it will involve loads of writing, meeting, laughing and headaches, possibly panic attacks, too.

(Told ya, lots of loose ends!)

2. Learn something new
I am sure I will. If i connect. I will learn, can’t imagine it not happening. Hope to be inspired about ways to re-write (hack!) my thesis in a fun way. And rhizo14 collab autoethnog, too, tho we already have cool ideas.

3. Get back to some old OLC conferences (all 3!) I attended, read abstracts, watch some vids, download some ppt’s or pdf’s, and blog something coherent and useful to others

Biggest Challenges
Now all of the above is challenging because November is a tough month at work and f2f life
A. We have our blended learning day Nov 19 and lots of prep for that. Not too much writing, though

B. I start teaching my class Nov 4 (scavenger hunt), then i don’t meet them at all, they play #tvsz Nov 14-16, then I meet them properly Nov 17. Woah. 2 days before blended learning day (glad at least i have a ready-made game for that first class that i can reuse but i need to plan ahead for Nov 20). Then I teach twice a week til end of semester. Which is less than most faculty, but I actually have a full-time administrative faculty job, so the teaching is actually extra.

C. Need to apply for my kid’s schools. Headache and heartache. Don’t remind me. I guess that is a lot of writing too. Glad it’s just basic data and not a letter of reference or something! But it’s lots of writing, too, so I’ll count it in my #digiwrimo

D. My cousin is getting married in Nov. Glad it’s a guy so not too time-consuming, but still 🙂

Ummm will stop now. Where the heck is that “roster”? Maybe it’ll show up at the chat at midnight UTC – so happy it’s defined on my timezone. So worried it’s at 2am coz i know i have a reputation for doing crazy stuff at crazy times but i am a little exhausted and burnt out after the #aln14 conference coz i was working full time in the day and doing the conf at night, and i ALSO worked last weekend so…

Yeah. Need a break. Refresh, regroup, then run with it!

See you in November!

I will be your Egyptian scribe for the month. Welcome! (Ok stereotyping here, i don’t identify at all with ancient Egyptians, but thought the photo would be memorable!

Image by rfzappala via Flickr CC-BY-NC-SA


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