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Staying human #tvsz

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So i am playing twitter vs zombies. Have been curious about this twitter game for ages, since I read about it on Hybrid Pedagogy. So excited to finally experience it… Seemed like a blackbox to me before…

Now, I am thinking of how some have said it promotes digital literacy (speak of the devil, of Zombie, is Jesse patient zero?).

I think the complex strategizing (if you try doing it) of using backchannels, getting support for oneself and giving it to others, lobbying for it, finding ways of communicating away from zombies, etc., are all really interesting

I teach a module on creating educational games so am hoping to maybe play this with my students in the fall and make them play with the rules

I look fwd to the changing rules every 12 hours. That in itself must be an educational experience with many opportunities for reflection on fairness, who holds power, etc.

I recently tweeted that i think being a zombie is prob more fun BUT staying human more challenging. Will i stay human by laying low (i.e. Tweeting too infrequently to get bitten too often without a dodge or swipe to my rescue?) or will i be daring and use my PLN to survive? What happens when key members of my PLN get bitten and unsaved?

Will wait and see… Need to post this before he NA zombies wake up!

P.S. Finding myself more playful with my kid today and considering gamefying the potty training process! Any ideas?!

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