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Pre-DigPedCairo pre-reflections #DigPed

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It may seem kinda crazy to blog on my way to DigPedCairo – one hour before coffee starts. 1.5 hours before inauguration. Wow. Inshallah

But I also wanted to capture these feelings.

But first – if you’re wondering about livestreaming of keynotes and timing of virtuallyconnecting sessions, check out the Virtual Opportunities page.

Oh and if ur looking for pictures, I created an album on Flickr which I will keep adding to. Right now it just has photos from when I met Bon, Amy, Jesse and Sean yesterday sightseeing and dropping them off at AUC campus housing.

So gonna keep this brief

I am humbled by everyone’s enthusiasm and support for this event.

I do not want anyone again to ask me about “realness”. I knew Bonnie and Jesse and Sean before I met them in person and they’re exactly how I knew them to be. I didn’t know Amy as well but feel I am getting to know her. They were amazing with my daughter yday and she absolutely adored them. She wants to see them again, but time is tight.

More than anything my heart is filled with love and it’s a beautiful feeling. As much as I had been anxious the past week or so, I did relax a lot when I got to spend time with everyone.

Looking forward to reporting more

And looking forward to seeing more people in person and Virtually this week

If you’re in Cairo and want to attend, parts of this are open to the public – sign up here.


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