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Invitation to Participate: mini #TvsZ Feb 10

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This is an invitation to anyone interested in trying out (or helping out) with a mini #TvsZ game

Pete and Andrea will be presenting a Learnshop at Educause ELI 2015 about #TvsZ and the plan is to get participants in the room playing online with others on twitter.

The learnshop takes place Tues Feb 10 at 10:45am PST (that’s 13:45 EST, 20:45 Egypt time) – we were hoping some of our friends could help us out by starting to play the game a bit earlier, say 10:15 PST so that learnshop participants come into an already running game and get a full-on experience, so they may be playing from like 10:50am PST til 11:20… We can keep playing a bit after they’re gone šŸ˜‰ if you like

Could you please let me know if you’re “in” so i can remind you beforehand? Here or on twitter


P.S. i just wrote my first column for Hybrid Pedagogy talking about the beautiful inclusiveness of the awesome group of people who hacked the non-zombie version of #TvsZ – here is the post

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