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Burden of Protection: beyond parenting


It’s fairly simple really.

We as parents are responsible for the safety of our children.

We often have to delegate this responsibility to others whom we trust – grandparents, friends, nannies,daycare providers, teachers, older siblings.

When we leave our children in someone’s care, they become responsible for them, right?

If I leave my child under someone’s care, and my child gets abused somehow by a THIRD party, isn’t the person I delegated my child to partly responsible?

They are, right? Not for abusing the child, but for not protecting the child under their care. (I might be responsible for choosing someone untrustworthy but that’s another story)

It’s the same for governments. They’re not just responsible for not harming us themselves. They’re also responsible for protecting us from others who harm innocent civilians.

They’re responsible either way. We’re under their custody. They’re responsible.

It’s that simple.

Or am I missing something?

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