Reflecting Allowed

Between Faith and Frustration

Faith means…
I don’t need to touch it
To know it’s real

Faith means…
Believing in my dreams
That they will come true
One day

Faith means…
Enjoying living my dream
Even though no one else
Understands it

Frustration is…
The chance to touch the real…
That eludes me

Frustration is…
You telling me it’s ok
Not to live my dream

Frustration is…
You asking me
To give up my dream

Frustration is…
You continuing to belittle
My dreams

Frustration is…
Asking me to wait
Asking me to compromise
Asking me to sacrifice
When I’ve already been doing that
For years

Faith is…
Hoping you’ll come around
Some day

Faith is…
Hoping that day comes soon
Because I’m so close

Before my frustration
Gets the better of me

But I won’t lose faith

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