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An Open Letter to My Kid’s Teacher on Homework


Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 42 seconds

I actually wrote an Arabic version of this for my kid’s Arabic teacher.

Dear Teacher 

I know you care about my child doing her homework. Her homework is usually to write the same thing over and over again. To practice. I get that.

Yesterday, she only had energy or will to write the word out once. Sometimes I can convince her to write it more times by using color crayons, but then it frustrates her if she can’t erase the mistakes she makes (which I never point out but she notices).

Yesterday,  she dropped the pencil from her hands and did something for the first time. She started writing in the air with her finger. She did it correctly. I have no evidence to show you this. I guess I could have caught it on video with my phone. I didn’t think to do it at the time and she might have stopped under the camera’s gaze. I just let her have fun.

Later she used a drawing app on my phone to write the word with her finger. Again correctly. I saved that photo. I don’t have your email to send it to you.

When she was done with her homework, she picked up a new Arabic book she had, and asked me to read it to her and help her learn to read some easy words. We did that for a bit.

All my friends have problems with their Arabic teachers. I am the only one who doesn’t complain – we are so lucky to have you as our Arabic teacher. The kids love you and you do really engaging activities with them. My child,  who learns in English 80% of her day comes back and sings the songs from Arabic class. In the morning she wants to go to school to see you. During summer holidays she asked about you.

So yeah. Just letting you know that homework is not an indication of learning or engagement. And that you’re doing a great job. Thank you

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