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(I started my blog as a professional one, but through experiments like #ReadMake, #TvsZ and #DigiWriMo I found myself enjoying writing other genres. Here is one of those…)

A hundred people
Pass through each day
I saw your face
A hundred times
And nothing

I knew who you are
But I didn’t care much
You were just another person
My eyes passed you by

And then…
You smiled
You smiled
And your eyes were in that smile
Your soul was in that smile

You weren’t smiling out of love
You weren’t smiling out of warmth
It was a smile of enjoyment
A smile of intellectual appreciation

And I am now addicted
To that smile
I am not in love with you
I’m not
But I am in love with that smile

Note: this is one of the interesting things that doesn’t always transfer digitally. Some people with really magnetic personalities or incredible smiles project that really well online and some don’t. It’s interesting how that is. I wonder if this person’s smile would have touched me online as much as it does in person

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