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Storyjumpers 3: Spying on My Neighbor

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 26 seconds

(This is part three of a Storyjumper activity for Digital Writing Month, where we are handing off stories to each other on blogs and writing the story forward. Bruno W.started us off with a personal narrative, Kevin Hodgson wrote part 2, and I moving the story forward. What comes below is entirely fiction — Maha)

Few people know this about me, but I have had a crush on Kevin since childhood. Who wouldn’t find the dude who takes all these devices apart and fixes them fascinating? He has always fascinated me. I know I’ve taken it too far. Not only do I spy on him from my window, looking at what he does in his study (it’s the only room I have a view of from my living room window), but I also once managed to sneak a bug into his study. I can actually hear what he says. It’s torture when he’s talking to a girlfriend, but none of those last too long. So I have hope that one day he will notice me. I am too shy to walk up to him or try to get his phone number from someone. I don’t go out much, you see. And my heart couldn’t take it if his eyes simply glazed over when he saw me. Or if he rejected me. I just couldn’t take it. So I just watch him every night when he sits in his study. And I miss him on days he doesn’t enter that study at all.

Last night, I found him looking closely at some pieces of paper. It looked like most of the paper was damaged or something, but a part of it seemed intact. I couldn’t read much from the distance, but I did hear him read it aloud:

I couldn’t tell who had written this. But I was particularly touched by this part “Like the sand that you find in the morning, in your pocket reminds you that a dream could have been more than a dream.”

And then I saw Kevin hold up a map of sorts. I could not see the actual map too well from a distance, but, strangely, I had a sense of deja vu… like I had seen this before. Had I seen it in a dream (I dream of Kevin so often)? I remembered the words that Kevin had just read out loud, about finding something in your pocket that reminds you that a dream might have been more than a dream. Cautiously, slowly, I put my hands inside my jeans pocket. And sure enough, a crumpled piece of paper came out. It was a map, too. Almost identical to the one Kevin was looking at. Could it be fate? What if we both had the same map, and the directions on it were meant to help us meet? I looked more closely at the map. I’d never seen a map with a future date on it, but this one did. The date was November 30, 2015. And a location. I looked more closely, trying to figure out what the location was, how I could get there, my heart beating fast, in the hope that Kevin might be looking at the same map at the same time, at the possibility of us meeting one day… But I remembered something disturbing. In my dream, there was this other woman… Sarah. The one who played the ukes. I saw her break one on her way up to Kevin’s house so he would fix it for her. I think she has plans, that Sarah. I must find a way to reach him before she does. Unless she has the map. Unless she is the one who GAVE him the papers that have the map. How would I know? How did I end up with one? Is it possible she is trying to help us get together, that she knows something? Or is it possible she wants to put me in a trap? Maybe his map is different from mine, and this is all an illusion…

(the end of the chapter. Sarah Honeychruch now takes it from here …)


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    1. Haha had to do it in a rush while inspired. So i wonder if u knew a neighbor has been spying on u all this time?

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