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#OLCInnovate Keynote-Related Links


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Note: I was advised to keep this unpublished until after my keynote so my blog doesn’t crash. So will schedule it to show after I am done.

So my keynote is Mon, June 15 at 4pm Cairo time (10am EDT/2pm UTC) inshallah. Will I say anything new? I always wonder about that.. because if you follow my writing and Tweets closely, I don’t think you’ll see anything new per se… my thought process and progress are pretty open… maybe just affirming what I usually say, and conversations I am part of, these days, but I guess with a conf as big as OLC Innovate, the audience is pretty broad and esp. this year with so many ppl getting interested in online who never had been before… so I assume there will be many unfamiliar with my ideas and my sources.

There are several links related to the keynote

First, I posted the YouTube url and embedded the slide deck on this page here. But might be easier to open it separately or my blog will crash, maybe. I should warn reclaim 🙂

Second, one part of my keynote expands on this article I wrote earlier, and it’s been annotated via June 12th if you wanna go take a look.

Third, one part of my keynote reports on and discusses this Twitter thread initiated by my question:

Last thing: If you watch the keynote and want to continue the conversation beyond, you can do so with me during OLC Live June 17th for a live convo w Nate Angell. And there’s a Slack channel on OLC Innovate Slack. And Twitter is always there!

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