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Talking Openness w @czernie this September on eMerge Africa

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I thought I should announce this upcoming event Sept 19-23 on my blog. With the wonderful Laura Czerniewicz (of South Africa), I will be co-facilitating a week on openness via eMerge Africa. More info here. 

As part of the prep for the event, Nicola Pallitt interviewed me, and the full recording of my conversation with Nicola Pallitt is also available here

This also reminded me of a recent video on my openness stance that I recently recorded for OpenMed so I thought I should probably add it in here as well..

Other “experts” videos for OpenMed available here (I put “experts” between quotes because I don’t think I am myself an expert… Just an advocate.. And that’s the term OpenMed is using for that page)

I also have an upcoming Prof Hacker post with Suzan Koseoglu on self as OER…But that will come out next week inshallah

Update: it came out today! Self as OER 

Updated again: this is the Adobe Connect recording (requires Flash):
Google doc & slides:

I will post YouTube recording soon. here it is

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