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Reflecting Allowed

Breaking Promises

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 55 seconds

I had everything set. Toys and colors and sticker book in my bag. Check. Change of clothes and underwear. Check. Alarm on my phone to make sure I pick my kid up on time. Check.

Except I forgot one thing. I told my kid I was picking her up but I didn’t tell her bus supervisor or any adult in school that I was picking her up. I thought I was gonna get there before they started boarding the bus so I didn’t think. I was wrong.

I got to my kid’s school to pick her and up and they told me she left by bus. I open my phone to call the bus matron and it turns out she tried calling me several times. My kid told her I was picking her up but she osn’t allowed to leave her at school unless I inform the school that I’m picking her up.

It worked out alright in terms of someone being home (at my mom’s home – I called and made sure my mom and the nanny were home). But the guilt is still killing me. I called my kid to apologize and she was, understandably, really upset.

She’s actually obsessed with me picking her up from school. Like, really obsessed with this. So it is considered a treat for her when I pick her up and today I was giving a workshop at a building in the street next to her school, so I was planning to pick her up during the break time and keep her there, playing quietly, until I finished.

You know what’s worse about this? That she doesn’t blame me. She blames the bus matron for not believing her. So even though I am so guilty here, when she saw me she hugged me coz she missed me and wasn’t angry with me for my mistake. Maybe she’s too young to realize it’s my fault even though I told her it was.

Not that I could feel worse about this, but my mom told me she cried when she got home.

It is one of those mistakes where 10 minutes would have made a difference. Seriously unlucky. But also lack of concentration on my part to just make sure I told someone at school…

You live you learn, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Promises

  1. Poignant Maha. I did the reverse so many times to my mother – she would tell me that she would be picking me up and I would forgot and walk home after school or to a friend’s house, and she’d be there waiting for me until she gave up. No cell phones of course, and most schools didn’t track who came and went, you just walked in and walked out.

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