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Sounds from my balcony, view from my commute…

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 58 seconds

How amazing is it that Simon Ensor asks me for the view from my long commute to work, and then later i discover the #phonar first pre-assignment (or whatever) is to do just that!

I was wondering if Jonathan Worth meant literally the journey to work, or figuratively, but i assumed that since #phonar is about photo narrative, it was literal. I did this assignment for Simon, to be honest πŸ™‚ but it just so happened that i was asking about #phonar today and Jonathan said it starts Oct 1st, so πŸ™‚ lucky, synergistic me (and apologies to Mark McGuire who introduced me to #phonar what feeels like ages ago and i did not heed his advice to join!)

Btw, i rarely look at the window on my commute: i am either glued to my iPad, phone or a book if in the car, or talking to someone if on the bus. Today was an exception for me.

So here is the flipagram of the iPad photos I took (too lazy to save as YouTube + worried about copyright for the music – one of my dad’s fave Paul Mauriat pieces… Eh, Simon, French composer :). [P.S. thanks to Simon Ensor for showing me that I could embed Flipagram – couldn’t do itΒ from iPad but managed it on PC]

I wanted to actually super-impose the sound from yday’s #ds106 daily create, which is this “noises from my balcony” (it captures the street sounds better than video from the car coz the car is air-conditioned and so street noise is minimal.

Ideally, I would save the flipagram to youtube, download the soundcloud then replace the sound… But i’m too lazy πŸ™‚ Anyone know a more efficient way? Hehe

And that’s your tourist post of the month πŸ™‚

Oh, sthg funny. I noticed lots of police on the street today and plainclothes police (u can tell: standing on the bridge using walkie talkies?) – and i got a bit paranoid (were they worried about my photo-taking? Was I being watched? Could i get arrested? Hehe I am reading Little Brother (not finishing it fast enough, i know) – but it turns out the bridge was getting cleared so someone important could pass (guess who? There is a hint in the vid) – which made what is normally a 90-min commute at that time a 50-min breeze πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Sounds from my balcony, view from my commute…

  1. Thank you Maha so much for taking the time to share with us the sound of Cairo in the morning and your drive from work. I spent the best holiday of my life in Egypt, and absolutely fell in love with the people, the contrasts, the humming, the silence.

    I very much hope to return.

    I am very interested in how we can embody connection with the imaginative distance which separates our daily lives. This goes towards prompting that blog post.

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