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Now I Know


Now I know

What it’s like to have first world problems

While living in a third world…world

Now I know

It wasn’t my imagination

All these years

When I sensed

Something had changed

Now I know

What happens

When twenty first century solutions

Meet twentieth century mindsets

Now I know

That I can only be a woman

But I am more than a woman

I will always be a daughter

But I am not only a daughter

I can be more than a mom

But I am first and foremost a mom

And as a woman

In my culture

No matter how far I go

I will always be a woman

Now I know

That my struggles have paid off

Even if they had to take

Multiples of the effort

That others had to do

To achieve the same thing

Now I know

That there’s a world out there

That there’s a place for me

Somewhere some day

Even if that day

Just won’t be today

There’s a light somewhere

Even if it’s not right here

Right now

Now I know

That I know who I am


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