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Research idea: #rhizo15, Hospitality and Invasion?

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I had a brainstorm as I was making breakfast so blogging it before it disappears.

Would anyone be interested in exploring #rhizo15 in these two lenses?

A. Hospitality (notion of Derrida’s, but i don’t know it too deeply) in welcoming people in – did it feel like a new space for all, or a space which others previously inhabited and newbies were coming in? Oh I wish i had been keeping track from the beginning… Did some ppl join late or drop off and come back? Was it possible to come in midway? Were there things (like too much making) that put ppl off? What were the community building things and the breaking things?

B. Did #rhizo15 invade other spaces? #et4online, #emoocs2015, #hpj101?

Dave said sthg about how #rhizo14 managed to separate the stuff we’d been doing from before, from the new stuff being done in #rhizo15. Did that work? Coz it was all going in parallel for us…

Is anyone interested in pursuing this line of questioning or modifying it to make it better?
Ok, will post, think more, and come back. Feedback please.

I created a Google doc. You can request access and add ideas here

3 thoughts on “Research idea: #rhizo15, Hospitality and Invasion?

  1. I like your first notion, which you called hospitality, and which I have been pondering from a community of practice perspective, especially around inclusion / exclusion. I would love to do something in this area . . .

  2. Very interested. I see a mix here of concepts that were at one time “the work” of established religions but now no longer their’s exclusively. Grace, forgiveness, humility, empathy, caring. The defensiveness and anger a person who feels hurt is poison that perpetuates itself, I’ve felt it as the easy road to take. Derrida attracted me with his call to hospitality that has fascinated me for a long time but circumstances keep pushing me back. Maybe a time for me to think of this more clearly.
    Rhizos 14 & 15 felt different, though I’m not sure why.
    As for invasion I’m not familiar with the other moocs but I do see Dave’s technique as welcoming in a way that takes us below the surface simplicity of declaring them unanswerable to a place where they almost beg to be discussed in a non-competitive manner. The allure of putting our minds into a respectful exchange denies polarities a foothold or a place for disagreement. Division or separation not longer support autonomy as a word associated with a struggle for self-respect. “Difference” seems frivolous positioning without appreciation for the other.
    Partly into “Of Hospitality” with Anne Dufourmantelle and Derrida but also need to read “Forgiveness is A Choice” by Robert D. Enright from APA Life Tools. So I may be back and forth in reading the two. But my mind has become that way anyway.

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