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Of Clones and Colonies

As #hpj101 comes to an end, Sean Michael Morris reminds us that Hybrid Pedagogy isn’t looking for clones in their new editors.

That’s good news.

It made me think about this, especially with this week’s rhizo15 topic of invasive species.

It made me think if I was a HP clone? Not only because I share so many HP values but also that sometimes I feel like some of us live in each other’s brains sometimes. Happens with my rhizo14 buddies, too. Sarah and Rebecca, especially. And yet we are also very very distinct.

There is something to be said for harmony and mutual understanding in the midst of difference.

I cannot be a clone of a Western person even if we share common values, because the ways we came about those values are soooooo vastly different. And yet we have reached a similar place where can really understand each other on a deep level (i’m particularly here thinking of Dave Cormier and Bon Stewart).

At the same time I keep thinking of my own role in colonizing digital spaces. Sarah and I have now called this “hugging and shouting” as in, we connect people and also talk a lot on Twitter.

So are my roles in online spaces cloning? How could I be a clone? Colonizer, though, I need o keep thinking about.

Nice title, though, right? I’ll develop these ideas further. Gotta get to “real” work!

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