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This is my first WP post from my phone

I just wanted to say Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax) rocks

Not only has he been doing cartoons of me with a headscarf on (response to my moaning of lack of headscarfed emojis once) for a while now, but today went thru several iterations of this fliphtml cartoon to produce a cartoon of me without hair showing and with trousers instead of the short skirts that were default in the program he’s using


Who does that? Someone who really cares. Someone who doesn’t just pay lip service to diversity but means it from his heart.

Here is the resulting fliphtml


  1. @Bali_Maha @dogtrax Maha, I have not done many, but this was one I did a while back about one of your posts. [picture]

  2. @EatcherVeggies @dogtrax oh wow i love it! Why don’t i remember it? Strange! I know which post u mean

  3. @Bali_Maha @dogtrax I am pretty sure it was part of a blog post I did

  4. It’s all about honoring the connections … how could I NOT try to make those changes?

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