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Constantly Updating Twitter Scavenger Hunt – Handout for Students


Hello! I’m working on my handout for the Twitter Scavenger hunt and have been inspired by #digiwrimo to embed the google doc into my wordpress page – so you’ll find it below – please feel free to post comments.

Before embarking on the Scavenger Hunt, I will share with students Alan Levine’s Twitter life cycle:

Twitter life cycle

Twitter Life Cycle by Alan Levine CC-BY-SA, from here

And Kevin Hodgson’s cartoon made JUST for this class (thanks, Kevin!)

by Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax)

by Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax)

And now… here is the handout – feedback welcome! (to add comments go to the google doc outside here) [I’ll figure out how to make it editable while embedded eventually; not working yet]
P.S. I’ll have tweetdeck open on a big screen at some point so students can see the activity taking place with the hashtag and learn by observing what tweeteck is

(OK, figured out how to resize embedded gdoc from this website)


  1. @Bali_Maha (And 99% of America says, Egypt time? What’s that?)

  2. soooooooooooooooo cool

  3. @artlaflamme its too early for America that’s why irrelevant 😉 it’s +7 Est. My US “partners” know to tweet night b4 n morning after mine

  4. @Bali_Maha @OnlineCrsLady @laura_ritchie Maha, you are 5 hours ahead of NYC time zone, correct?

  5. @Bali_Maha Oh, I’m tracking the timezone. Too few Americans think beyond one or two, though. Or would get up in night to do it!

  6. @artlaflamme i make things worse by constantly mtg ppl for hangouts at 2am my time. Sigh

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  8. Very interesting exercise – especially that you’ve given the hashtags to look for.. Very replicable..

  9. Brilliant – just brilliant! so impressed – can’t type 😉 Sandra

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