Student Game Ideas in Draft

This semester’s students have blogged their game ideas, which they are working on in groups of 4-6. If  you have a minu

Mr. MEN Re-write Assignment 

So I got an assignment idea for this semester for my educational game design module. I am increasingly focusing less on game d

Playing Games with Agency: Join us Mon Nov 14 #GamesEg #cclasses

Join us and play some digital games while my students play them and tweet their experiences. This is happening Monday Nov 14 a

Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Fall 2016 #gameseg #cclasses

OK – I’ve finally gotten around to writing this blogpost! We’re doing a Twitter Scavenger Hunt again Thursda

Fair Use/Attribution Game?

So I really should do something about my students blogs and make sure they use images and materials within fair use. And check

Sleep-Deprived Mom Game

I had a brainstorm… and I created this Sleep-Deprived Mom Game The shortlink to play is: fli

Playing SPENT – Empathizing with Poverty

I just played this game SPENT twice and I am in so much pain. You take on the role of someone who lives in poverty and has a c

Designing Playful Learning for Kids – assignment idea

(I hit publish too soon before I even wrote anything here, so I’m sorry if you got a blank copy of this blogpost in your

More Reflections on Uselessness

So I started this morning responding to Luca Morini’s article on Uselessness (annotated link) and now I w

Perspectives on Uselessness 

I read yesterday this article by Luca Morini on Hybrid Pedagogy, which argues for the importance of uselessness in higher educ


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