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Mr. MEN Re-write Assignment 


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So I got an assignment idea for this semester for my educational game design module. I am increasingly focusing less on game design per se in teaching this module and trying to have learners experiment with generally thinking of what makes young people learn and with challenging what already exists. I am co-teaching this semester w a colleague whom I consider really strong on teaching the game design part (and who is also a great pedagogue). I may use this idea during our upcoming Creatopia event so more students can try it (not just mine).

Basically, people would read a Mr. Men book and modify the ending or storyline. There are some particular ones I would love to modify. The exercise would be as follows

  1. Read the book title e.g. “Mr. Nobody” or “Little Miss Helpful” and predict/imagine what the story might be about. Note this down.
  2. Read the book and note down your reaction to the book. What did you like or dislike?
  3. Re-write the ending or any part of the book to make it more educational or to make the book promote different values that you consider important. Note which age group you are targeting 

What do you think? I think the focus of Mr. Men books on character traits of individuals would be helpful for game designers as they build characters in their games (though not all my students develop games with special characters)

Thanks to Amy Burvall for pointing me to the whole Mr. Men in history lesson plan that Michael Gove had critiqued in his Mr. Men speech 


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