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Student Game Ideas in Draft

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 4 seconds

This semester’s students have blogged their game ideas, which they are working on in groups of 4-6. If  you have a minute to give them feedback, we would all appreciate it. Their prototypes are due Thursday and their final game will be playtested on Monday. Links below:

Game about mental illness where players will have to live through the experience of someone going through a mental illness and respond to everyday situations as if they were that person. Other players would try to guess which mental illness these players have. This game seems to be a board game version of Depression Quest but with more than one mental illness involved, and as a group game not an individual one.

What a Great Driver You’ll Make is about traffic and dealing with traffic. Players would get different roles and goals, and have to deal with traffic on their way to their goal, and get points for doing things correctly or points off for doing them incorrectly like breaking traffic rules/laws.

This one is an escape game that teaches creativity and time management

This one they’re still working on how to make it not “memorization” based and it’s about learning about different countries.

Feel free to post comments on the student’s blogs – thanks in advance

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