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Sustainability to me

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This post is for the Sustainability MOOC #flsustain

I actually wrote this paragraph a while ago when i was reading Sarah Speight’s book “learning for sustainability”, so i am now posting it publicly:

Sustainability has connotations of continuity and of doing things in a holistic manner. Because my interest is in education, I am particularly interested in sustainable learning: how to design our learning environment and community and activities in ways that use sustainable methods and materials, and also promote sustainable/ongoing learning that continues seamlessly beyond any course-constrained time and space. I am just now learning how ideas of open education fit within this framework.

On another note, more recent thoughts:

i think sustainability is also a frame of mind and approach to life, a philosophy. I say this and see that it sounds elitist, because i think historically, people may have approached sustainability from a pragmatic standpoint.

I think much current talk of sustainability comes from elites (many of whom would have created the problems we all now face), and some of the solutions they come up with now may no be the best or easiest for the less privileged… I want to think of concrete examples of this as the course goes forward and to look at sustainability critically, even though emotionally, i want to embrace it.

I have written two previous posts on sustainability, one on sustainable assessment
And one that has a video connecting empathy with sustainability

I hope to have more to reflect on as i understand sustainability more and interact with other participants

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