Hack the #literatti to teach sustainability #clmooc

Here is a hack I am doing on the Litterati game, something shared on clmooc google+ (thanks to Janis Selby Jones for posting i

Authentic & Sustainable Assessment: openly brainstorming workshop ideas

I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop with a colleague on “alternative assessment” and I have chosen to make my

How many shades of open?

It occurs to me that those of us advocating for open access in academia (whether open educational resources OER or open access

Serendipity, students, and revamping higher education

I have had a serendipitous few days that made me realize something that for some reason had not occurred to me: if I care to r

What makes a “good” professional development experience?

I decided to reflect on elements of a good professional development experience, because today, three things happened at once:

6 Teaching Ideas Inspired by MOOCs

I have written previously that I believe teachers can use MOOCs for professional development. Here, i share briefly some ideas

Independence as Essential for Lifelong Learning

So this is my first go at the #rhizo14 Week 2 Challenge, but it also has elements of sustainable learning (useful for #flsusta

What’s wrong with FutureLearn?

I want to reflect on my discomfort with FutureLearn as an online learning platform. I love the MOOC I am currently taking on i

Sustainability to me

This post is for the Sustainability MOOC #flsustain I actually wrote this paragraph a while ago when i was reading Sarah Speig


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