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Reuse & Remix of Student Assignments

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An idea occurred to me yesterday and I tweeted it. I woke up this morning and found more than 300 likes on my tweets, and lots of really cool replies with ideas how to take it forward and its benefits.

The basic idea is, why do we constantly tell students they cannot repurpose previous assignments in other courses if it can be used in our courses? It doesn’t make sense. I cite myself in my writing, I repurpose my slides for different presentations, c’mon. It’s like telling students basically that what they’ve done before has no use, has no meaning. This goes beyond creating renewable assignments that have purpose outside your class. This is a remix/repurpose assignment where they choose to bring something they have done before and build from it.

You can follow the threads on Twitter and see the quoted tweets (there are many) to read… but I have screenshotted a few here (sorry these won’t be accessible to folks using screenreaders, but you can go directly to Twitter to find them in text). I did put commentary in the captions, though. Hope it helps.

I love Sherri’s point here about using this as an entry way into dialogue over students’ interests and goals
From Bonnie Stewart: Ed students use a previous lesson plan to integrate tech
Great idea to use it in labs, where students can reflect on past lab work they did as they cannot access labs now
I love Joe Dillon’s point here that it has value in K-12 esp as regards to celebrating past successes for struggling students
I like this point: writing is indeed a remedial, continual process. Students should probably know that!!!
Related: most things in life, you have more than one shot!
Love this idea for High School – converting work done in other classes into a different form for your class!
Good to see some profs have explicit ways of encouraging connections
Yes, it is meta, and it is a remix assignment!

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