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Join Us for Liberating (Virtual) Lunches

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Want to try out some liberating structures and have engaging conversations with colleagues? Want to make sure you carve out some time for lunch throughout your day, and have it in a “faculty lounge” type of space? Join us! Virtually. This will be kind of like a “practice session” for things you have seen us do in the Community Building Resources (via OneHE and Equity Unbound) – but not recorded.

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My department (Center for Learning and Teaching) at the American University in Cairo is organizing a new type of informal professional development event with a social element. Educators around the world are invited to join us for 30-40 minutes to have (virtual) lunch. Participate in engaging topical conversations, experience new active learning techniques, and connect with other educators online. We will announce the topics and formats of the conversation ahead of time. Most conversations will happen in small groups in breakout rooms, but some will be in larger groups. These conversations are mainly for AUC faculty but will be open to colleagues from anywhere in the world who are interested to join us – whether this be your lunch time, early breakfast time, or dinner time.

The first two sessions will take place as follows:

Tuesday, October 20th from 12-12:30 pm (Cairo/SAST – see your timezone below). Conversation Cafe format. In this lunch session, you will work in a group of four to have a “conversation cafe” to discuss this question: “How can we encourage ethical behavior in students without imposing technologies of surveillance/distrust?” This will be led by me (Maha Bali). To register, please click here.

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Wednesday, October 28th from 1-1:45 pm (Cairo/SAST – see your timezone below). Troika Consulting. In this lunch session, you will work in groups of three or four: “Share any teaching challenge you’re experiencing right now, with emphasis on what kind of help you need from others”. You will have opportunities to receive help and help others. This will be led by our director, Hoda Mostafa. To register, please click here.

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4 thoughts on “Join Us for Liberating (Virtual) Lunches

  1. Ben Fischer says:

    I love this idea and am sorry I couldn’t join. I would like to do this with my virtual team. Do you have any planning docs or tips/tricks/lessons learned that you can share?

    1. Maha Bali says:

      So I don’t have particular reflections from the sessions themselves… but in general, give people extra time to introduce themselves real quick before delving into the discussion, and if you want to view the structures we used (conversation café and Troika) check out the video demos here

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