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Embracing learning subjectives is…

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I started #rhizo15 with learning subjectives to embrace emergent learning, and with a plan not to over-participate as I am wont to do (I failed in the latter, butimagine  how it would have been if I had actually had TIME to participate more fully). Here are some of the emergent things that happened that influenced my learning… Both rhizo15 and rhizo14 (which has not ended, Autumm, i tell you!)

Embracing learning subjectives is….

  1. Setting out to do scholarly research, then discovering there are more interesting  ways of understanding social life, and valuing these different ways even though many others JUST.DON’T.GET.IT (i’m looking at u collaborative autoethnography and untext). Then becoming advocates for reinterpreting what scholarly means (thank you HybridPed)
  2. Hating an idea at first glance (like the learning recipe) then embracing it, inviting the hacking of it, and watching it blossom into something beautiful (thank you Chrissi)
  3. Loving something so much you want to hack it (lookin at you Tania) and then finding others willing to do that (i’m looking at you rhizo play!)
  4. Loving someone so much you try to svoid them but still find them everywhere, and then every space you find them you feel joy and relief (i’m looking at you Sarah)
  5. Loving someone so much you can’t get enough of them even after you spent 3 days meeting on hangouts for hours (I’m lookin at you Rebecca)
  6. Thinking you cannot possibly have space in your heart to love kroe ppl or space in your head to read/follow more blogs then finding yourself sucked into this irresistable attraction (all you new ppl i got to know better thru rhizo15 – i will not name u lest i forget someone)
  7. Having all the tech issues possible in the world, and finding 5 friends who insist on including me in their multimedia song, video, voicethread so they help and be patient with me (oh, ur too many ppl to name!)
  8. Singing songs together for any and every occasion, and sometimes just singing them separately but just inspiring song (I’m looking at u #DrBon playlist)
  9. Interesecting communities and spaces making life richer and more beautiful – yo #et4online #emoocs2015 #hpj101 #ccourses #clmooc #edcontexts
  10. Getting inspired by all of you to take risks in my teaching and life – rhizo ppl inspire me to do this every day, like I am not nuts, or that crazy is a good thing 🙂

The party must go on 🙂


5 thoughts on “Embracing learning subjectives is…

  1. I’m glad your plan failed. It was great to get to know you better through #rhizo15 Maha. Hope to see you down the trail be it on the #rhizo15 tag or elsewhere.

    1. Hey Autumm – only in a rhizospace is hearing “glad your plan failed” a good thing hahaha and yes Autumm i look forward to staying connected with you. #clmooc in the summer?

  2. All joyful affirmations. That’s what I love about you, Maha. And about #Rhizo15 and #ccourses,etc. – all full of heart and ideas and creativity. I am inspired to make this happen as much as possible at school.

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