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Video Inspirations for Kinesthetic Class Activities RE Bias, Othering, Etc #unboundeq

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For a long time, my students have asked me to do more in-class activities similar to my modified privilege walk which focuses on embodying (in)equity.

I saw several videos (mostly recommended by students last semester) that I think I could show, then ask students to do them with new categories and new questions.

  • For example, these videos “I’m X but I’m Not” suggested by my friend Parisa Mehran, an Iranian teacher of English in Japan. E.g. I’m Asian But I’m Not. Students could develop their own either in person in class, or on video as an assignment in groups. Groups can focus on being Egyptian, AUCian, etc. Or they can be subgroups, e.g. I am an engineer, a musician, a girl…
  • The Spectrum videos show disagreements within the same homogeneous groups. Playlist. Students can find something they have in common (Egyptian, Arab, AUCian) and ask questions to see which side they would end up on…
  • Don’t Put People in Boxes – different questions showing difference and similarity among humans. Can do similar in class (has a slight religious bent in the ending)
  • These “Things Not to Say” videos help identify behavior that can be microaggression to minorities. Perhaps they can make their own.
  • Cut. Videos that challenge stereotypes. Like this “guess my religion” one. We could totally do something like this in class, whether by researching certain groups and role playing, or as ourselves.
  • One more: Middle Ground (see episode of Body positive ppl vs Fitness enthusiasts) (a more emotional and political one is about Palestine and Israel). Again students can choose topic and split into groups, and the groups can come up with questions.

What do you think? Got more to add? We can include these in Equity Unbound

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