Launching: Community-Building Resources for Online Teaching via @unboundeq @oneheglobal #unboundeq

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So many people who are new to online have been asking about how to build community online – not just teacher to student, but amongst students. Equity Unbound has teamed up with OneHE and we have created resources for this, and are releasing them gradually (as we are still curating, filming, and finalizing transcriptions).

We released the first we today! Here is the announcement on Equity Unbound site and here the landing page on OneHE’s site where you can find all the activities as we add them ! Some are good intro activities, some are good for use throughout the semester. You will also find opportunities to contribute and share your adaptations of them (discussion forums coming soon). Subscribe to Virtually Connecting’s YouTube channel to get immediate updates when a new resource/video is released!

I made these first few with Mia Zamora, Autumm Caines, Patrice Prusko and Irene Maweu. More to come! inshallah

For now – enjoy! And feel free to share. And please give us your feedback.

Header image: Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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