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Launching Open at the Margins & Invitation to Join Launch Event via @vconnecting

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I have been waiting for this moment for SO SO SO LONG. This labor of love that I worked on alongside Rajiv Jhangiani, Catherine Cronin, Laura Czerniewicz and Robin DeRosa, which centers voices from the margins on open education, a field that until recently was dominated entirely by white, Northern/Western male voices. I’m so proud of this work, and it’s so needed right now. I hope it helps many people see these voices ALL IN ONE PLACE rather than drowning in a sea of white dominant epistemological stances. It is a collection you can go through pretty quickly to become introduced to these authors and ideas because we’ve curated non-peer-reviewed shorter pieces, videos, etc., that are also written in accessible ways.

You can read the book for free on Pressbooks:

And you are invited to join our launch event, scheduled for Friday, August 21st at 6pm UTC via Virtually Connecting – details and link to register here.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Added later: I tweeted last night about particular pieces in the collection that mean something special to me. You can find that thread here:

Header image: Image by Maciej Szewczyk from Pixabay

One Comment

  1. Wishing you much joy. Such a great collection, congratulations! The launch is 4am Saturday morning in my timezone. I’ve been sleeping weirdly of late, so it is not totally out of the question 😂

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