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Podcast interview with me on Leaders and Legends of Online Learning


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I’ve been giving a lot of podcast interviews lately 😉 So just a couple days ago I shared the one with Terry Greene on Gettin’ Air.

Today I am sharing one I did with Mark Nichols for Leaders and Legends of Online Learning. Here is the link to the podcast page. I talk about vconnecting of course and generally my values about online learning.

It’s such an honor to be the 9th person interviewed for this podcast, after people like Tony Bates, Martin Weller, Laura Czerniewicz and Tannis Morgan, who are arguably legends!

The way Mark chooses folks is by recommendation of other folks, so I am lucky Laura recommended me (thanks Laura).

This interview is quite edited down, so I asked Mark to share the full version with me also, and I put it on DropBox in case I find that useful someday. I’ll share it, too, once I upload it somewhere 🙂


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