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A New Approach to Late Assignments

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I’ve been thinking. I kind of like students submitting assignments on time. But if a chunk of them are going to be late anyway, I have an idea. Note that almost all my assignments are blogposts. Here is how I will pose it to students (for feedback, but please give me your feedback too, as reader):

  1. If you submit on time, you follow the original assignment instructions
  2. If you submit same day but late, you need to follow original assignment instructions PLUS a paragraph reflecting on the class discussion around that topic.
  3. If you don’t submit on time and you were absent, or you submit more than a day late, you create a blogpost synthesizing ideas in blogs of 3 other students in class.

Does this seem fair? I don’t know if all should be eligible for full grade, though.

What do you think?

One thought on “A New Approach to Late Assignments

  1. I dig this late policy, Maha. I tend to be a bit more flexible on the front end of lateness (like immediately after the assignment is due), but I really like the blog post synthesizing other classmates submissions. I think if it can become the blanket “late policy” that would be awesome (I like having the same way of handling the same infraction).
    If, however, you find folks opting for lateness because it enables them to complete this assignment, you might rethink the lateness policy…😉

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