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Dear Maha, I found your interview really thought provoking. I have actually listened to the interview a few times because I would remember something and go back to listen again. Virtually connecting is also just such a good idea!

One of the key messages that have stuck with me is the idea of a techno-positivist view of online learning. This has now cause me to reflect on my own biases and approach, while previously involved in technology projects. These include putting tablets computers in Caribbean schools and also organising training workshops to encourage teachers to use and also create open educational resources.

Recently, I decided to return to studies as I wanted to conduct research. I have been refining my research questions under an overarching topic, that seeks to investigate the affordances of MOOCs for the professional development of school teachers in the Caribbean.

I have read a few papers including:

The potential of MOOCs for learning at scale in the Global South

The educational problem that MOOCs could solve: professional development for teachers of disadvantaged students

But, after reading your paper, ‘Envisioning post-colonial MOOCs: Critiques and ways forward’, I am now considering all the issues that were raised! I can draw some similarities. The Caribbean is also post-colonial, the Caribbean faces technology (bandwidth, devices) challenges, digital literacy challenges. However, teachers are uniquely positioned to support each other, they are mature and more likely to be able to engage in self directed/autonomous learning.

I think whether, by focusing on MOOCs, does this presuppose that there isn’t a better solution for professional development teachers? Could there non-MOOC solutions?

I still have so many things to consider, before define the research questions, but it would be great to hear your views on MOOCs for teacher professional development (in a post-colonial context), possible suggestions for further reading around the area or a critique of my attempt (possibly too narrow in scope) to seek to investigate this area.

Many thanks,