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Best Assignment Ever: Liquid Syllabus


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I think I just ran the most amazing assignment ever. I asked my students to liquefy the syllabus of our course.

Thanks to the amazing @brocansky who inspired this by her post on the Liquid Syllabus.

Basically, our creativity course is 3 modules, so I asked students to work in pairs (a few worked individually) to liquefy the syllabus in two ways:
1. Make it more multimedia and engaging (that’s the part inspired by Michelle Pacansky-Brock above)
2. Change a couple of assignments to make them more engaging.

I haven’t taken permission from students to quote them yet, and some of the assignments still reside in my email rather than linked on their blogs, but you can find most of them or at least their reflections on them here:

Meanwhile, what I found most inspiring in this assignment is:
1. Students feeling empowered to be in the teacher’s shoes while maintaining their student perspective;
2. Students making truly good suggestions, including a very humorous hack of my own module (only one student did this actually, brave soul)
3. Really different and cool multimodal ways of representing the course.

Most importantly, I think it offered a refreshing insight into how the students perceive the course and how they’d consider changing or improving it. Better than a more direct assessment where you ask them directly, you know?

I hope my co-teachers will consider incorporating some of the students’ suggestions into future iterations of the course. I know I will for mine, and I would for others 🙂



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