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End-of-semester Project Ideas

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So… I am about to start my module for edu game design this semester, and I came across this call for papers (incl multimedia) for an issue on play in edu (thru Chrissi Nerantzi) in a magazine called Academic Creator (nice name for a mag!) and I have a hundred thoughts racing thru my mind. Paramount among them is whether my students can submit something

Previously they blogged about their experiences with games we played, games they made, and they liquefied the course syllabus (turns out to be playful feedback).

This semester i was hoping to take up Terry Elliott’s idea of asking them to do a “making of” video for their game design (not just a blogpost reflecting – he made this comment when I talked about last semester’s games here). And to also liquefy the syllabus
(here is one I really liked for its playful tone in liquefying my module) nearer end of my module so more students could liquefy my own module not just others’. I think students could submit either of these to the magazine (right Chrissi?) but it would be difficult to adk EVERYONE to do both

So here is my idea. They all design edu games in groups of 4-5 usually.

For each group, half of them will do a “making of video/multimedia thing” and write a blogpost on “what i would change about the course” and the other half would do a “liquefy the syllabus” assignment and write a reflective blogpost on the game design.

Sounds fair to me. So each student has a choice of one blogpost and one multimedia assignment due on the date of our final exam.

2 thoughts on “End-of-semester Project Ideas

  1. Hi Maha,

    This sounds like a good plan. I think you could ask students to select 2-3 examples to include in the magazine and we could include a link to all of them? Would this work?

    Thanks again for all your efforts.


    1. That sounds like a great idea! I actually only have 20 students or so, so all in all you’d have a maximum of 5 projects of each type if they work in pairs. If I find them all willing to contribute, shall we let the magazine be the judge of quality? Pick the good 2-3 and link to the rest? What do you think?

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