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Coming up at #OER17

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With no laptop and a wrapped-up thumb (as if no laptop wasn’t bad enough), I am really excited and looking forward to OER17 next week inshallah!

So here I’m just trying to put everything together that’s happening:

You can pre-participate in the “closing plenary” by answering some questions and posting them on Twitter. You can see their questions here.

First off, my keynote. I created a page that will on the day of the keynote have my Google slides (comments enabled). The page currently has the link to the OER17 page where the keynote should be livestreamed and a link to the feedback form for folks to give me feedback after the keynote is over. Martin Hawksey recommended the hashtag for the keynote be two separate ones: #oer17 #Maha so that people who are using #oer17 only can see things even if folks don’t add the #Maha. Fair enough.

Second, we have several Virtually Connecting sessions taking place – schedule at We (Autumm and I) also wrote a blogpost for the OER17 blog to introduce people to VC and different ways to participate onsite and virtually. Oh, and we created a fun trailer!


On the first day after lunch, we (Autumm, Martin, Sue and Mia/Rebecca virtually) are presenting ABOUT Virtually Connecting. We have several plans for interactivity, including this poll which you can respond to starting now (it is open for a week so Fri-Thurs)

Looking forward to seeing you onsite at OER17 if you’re going to be there – please do come and say hi! I come bearing gifts and I don’t want to go home carrying them again!!!

If you’re not at OER17, I hope to see you virtually, whether via Twitter or via Virtually Connecting – synchronously or asynchronously (so feel free to watch the keynote later and post comments on the slides – whatever works for you).

Remember OER17 sessions from the main hall are livestreamed – all options for remote participation available here.


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