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When Public Out Loud is Really Quietly in Private

This post is inspired mainly by the way Bonnie Stewart wrote her bio for this Inside Higher Ed article about Twitter and schol

Ego, Self-promotion & Empowering Minority Voice

These reflections are inspired by 4 women I respect (and dare I say love?) very much. And as I wrote this, I realized that I i

Mom’s Adventurous Bedtime Hangout w #dmlcommons

Earlier this evening I participated in an AWESOME hangout for #dmlcommons as part of the blog talk garage, with the awesome Al

Secondhand Derrida & Hospitality: postcolonial, communicative & #edtech interpretations

I just started reading about Derrida’s philosophy of hospitality, via a link from Scott Johnson. I have not read Derrida

Virtually at home where others are visiting…

This post is inspired by Catherine Cronin’s blogpost on a workshop at her campus mapping the visitor/resident terrain, a

Which Kind of Change is Most Human?

I’ve been thinking… Which of these is the most human or most humanizing way of being, and thinking about change: G

Some Days, Virtual Hugs Are Better!

I can’t go to work today because I have an eye infection that my opthalmologist friend & colleague has deemed viral

On Twitter as Scholarship

I started my day with this awesomely subversive article by Jesse Stommel, in which he storifies tweets over several years, all

Lose That Deficit Mindset

I am once again inspired by some of my favorite writers to write a post integrating some of what I have learned from them. Tod

Design is to Teaching Like Teaching is to Learning

(This is inspired by something Patrice Torcivia wrote about in our work in the Educause ELI course we’re taking together