The View from the Center of #TvsZ 6.0

I have like 5 blogposts in my head but this is the most urgent one because I wanted to capture the thoughts in my head (side n

When I’m No Longer Little…

When I’m no longer little, I promise that I’ll remember what it felt like to be little. To be belittled. To be mad

Emergent writing, emergent teaching

I was having a conversation with Michael Weller on twitter the other day, about our different approaches to writing, and it oc

Good, Bad, Very Bad, and REALLY Really Bad

Yes, I’m kind of hacking Alan Levine’s blogpost title and there is a reason for that. The idea I am hacking from A

Beautiful, Supportive Anger

It began with an angry post of Susan’s, followed by a slew of support, which created this thank you post by Susan. Then

The people behind the writer I am

I’ve had a couple of writing dreams come true in the space of a few weeks (you’ll find out what they are soon). I

Friend for a day, friend for a lifetime

This post is inpsired by my lifetime friend, who recently blogged a post “Friend for a day…a company service?̶


Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful things that have ever happened to me, and I had a long and exhausting path to it,

Constantly Updating Twitter Scavenger Hunt – Handout for Students

Hello! I’m working on my handout for the Twitter Scavenger hunt and have been inspired by #digiwrimo to embed the google

My #digiwrimo goals: tying loose ends

I’m REALLY excited about Digital Writing Month (#digiwrimo) – aren’t you? You should be, coz I have a guest


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